Graphic Printing from Ashland, Virginia

Get bold, brilliant results with our state-of-the-art printing products. Neagle's Flexo Inc. in Ashland, Virginia, offers graphic printing services, using flexographic products.

Flexographic Printing Plates
We offer services within flexographic printing plates. We manufacture digital and analog printing plates. narrow web and wide web industry.

We Use A Digital Plate Setter
• Liquid Polymer—MacDermid™ LTL, any thickness
• Molded Rubber—Econo™ natural or synthetic, 50 and 30 durometer
• Digital Sheet Polymer plates up to 35"x45"
      Digitial sheets come in .067",.107",.155", and .250"
• Conventional Sheet Polymer plates up to 52"x 80"
      Sheet polymer comes in .155" and .250" generally

What are Flexographic Printing Plates?
Flexographic printing plates are used to create objects in everyday life. Whenever you pick up a box, carton, bag, TV dinner, etc., that has print on it, odds are, it was made on a flexographic printing press. Our plates are specially designed to go on different sized presses that print on these everyday objects.

Large Format, Less Time
• Solid Image up to 51"x79"
• Computerized Controls On Exposure And Washout
• No Guesswork & Cleaner, More Even Floor
• Sharper Screens and Fine Lines

We Also Use a DuPont Cyrel Processor
Our 52-inch by 80-inch exposure unit, processor, and dryer will allows us to produce a full sheet of photo polymer in 3 hours from start to finish. This not only benefits turn-around time but also adds to capacity and efficiency.

We have a full printing design department. Our department goes from beginning ideas, all the way to duplicating an existing process. Our printing is Macintosh-based designs.We use a company called Art Work Systems, which offers their product Nexxus and their HD software. We also use graphics that include:

PDF (Portable Document Format)
This is a letter-size electronic file, sent via email or posted on FTP. We download the most current PDF viewers for best results.

Digital Plate Setter, Graphic Printing in Ashland, VA
Rubber Molding Oven, Graphic Printing in Ashland, VA

DuPont Cyrel Exposure Unit, Graphic Printing in Ashland, VA

Nexus Rip, Graphic Printing in Ashland, VA

DuPont™ Chroma Pro®
This color-matched high-resolution inkjet proof on DuPont™ media is accurate for color on 97 percent of Pantone colors.

HP™ Plotted Proof
This is full-size ink-jet proof on paper.

This is letter-size, black and white messaging, electronically transferred via phone line.


Kodak™ Polychrome® Color Key
This is full-size, color-separated art on registered acetate sheets. It shows anticipated dot screening.

The company offers letter-size to tabloid-size color prints, either minis (printcards) or full size.


FTP Site
It allows for quicker uploads and downloads that won’t clog up your email.

PDF Conversion
This process converts nearly any art file into a PDF file to send back to you via email or FTP.

This is EskoGraphics™ Digital Imager filmless imaging on sheet polymer plates up to .125 thickness.


Press Fingerprinting
This standardized method determines the dot-gain and screening capability of your press. We use it to color-correct future jobs.

Print Analysis
We offer expert advice on causes of sub-quality printing, based on more than 33 years in the flexo printing industry.

Artwork Systems™ NexusManager®

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